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breaking news on former cia director, david petraeus. when he'll have to face questions from lawmakers. >> this is day three of wedding week. we have the table set, the bride and groom ready smile for the camera. goorning, everyo. welcome tos 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. itis wednesday, november 14th, 2012. right now, police are trying to figure out what led to a shooting in the a walmart in laurel. it happened at the walmart near route 198 and the bw parkway.
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tony tull is live on the scene now. any word on the manager who got shot? >> yeah, keith, good news. he will be okay. he was shot in the upper body a few hours ago. corporate officials from walmart said he was going to be okay. when we arrived, chaotic. police putting up crime scene tape, going inside looking for clues of what happened here this morning. the call went out at 4:17. shots fired, one man down at this walmart in laurel. one person was wounded, a manager hit in the chest. >> it's early in the investigation. we are treating it at a commercial alone robbery. this adult male entered the business. >> reporter: it started inside as a robbery. the suspect, described as a white male talked to this employee seconds before the
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altercation. >> came in. he asked -- >> reporter: police believe the suspect attempted to rob one of the managers. somehow they ended up outside the store at this entrance. itis when the investigates say the suspect fired hitting the manager one time. >> he took the victim, went to the parking lot area. it's ambiguous as to why that happened. the victim was ultimately shot in the upper body. >> reporter: the suspect drove off, abandoning his car in another location. police are looking for a white male with a heavy coat, gloves and a scarf wrapped around his face, possibly armed and dangerous. the manager is expected to live. they say he was a great boss. keith, again, police do not have a good description of the suspect. again, saying he is a white male, well covered with a scarf
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around his face. they believe they may have found the vehicle. they have not confirmed that to us. we'll continue to stay on the story all day long. keith, back to you. >> tony with the latest from the scene. thanks for checking in. within the hour, nancy pelosi announced she plans to stay in her position as house minority leader. she raised millions of dollars to put democrats back in power. they fell short of winning the house majority last week. still, pelosi succeeded in electing the most diverse caucus in the nation's history. >> as you look forward, understand that you are looking into the future. the future of empowerment of women in america. i have made a decision to submit my name to my colleagues to once again serve as the house democratic leader.
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>> nancy pelosi was the first and so far, only woman elected speaker of the house. she served from 2007 to 2011. in a related development on the republican side, ang us king will go with democrats. he's an ind pen dend. president obama will hold a news conference. he'll have to address the david petraeus scandal as well as the looming fiscal cliff. it may be the republicans, not the democrats to get a deal done. 50% of americans would blame republicans in congress if it doesn't get worked out. 29% say the president would be to blame. 10% would blame both. we'll be carrying president obama's news conference live at 1:30 thi afternoon. you can watch it on our website. we'll be streaming live on we're following breaking news right now.
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nbc news learned david petraeus will answer questions about september's deadly attack in benghazi after all. he will testify tomorrow before the senate intelligence committe he was supposed to testify today, until he resigned after admitting he had an affair. tracie potts has more on the growing scandal. >> reporter: at least one member of congress already spoke with the cia about the crowing controversy involving david petraeus and john allen. >> i don't have any reason to think there are national security issues at stake in what transpi transpired. >> there are questions of e-mails between allen and kelley. one senior official says they were not explicit, but used names like sweetheart and dear. allen denies any wrong doing. >> no one should lead to conclusions here. his nomination has been put on
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hold as a prudent measure until we determine what the facts are. >> reporter: kelley was not a federal employee but said she had special privileges when complaining about reporters. >> i am an honorary consul general. i don't know if ept to get diplomatic protection as well. >> reporter: the complaint of e-mails touched off on investigation that led to the discovery of an affair between petraeus and paula broadwell. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. look at that sky out there right now. sunshine. but it's cold out there. >> what a difference a day makes. storm team 4 meteorologist, tom kierein with the first 4 forecast. >> hey, tom. >> it's been cold. the picture is deceiving. we saw the blue waters of the potomac under the blue sky. we have been stone cold thanks to the high pressure over the
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region since yesterday. we have clouds off to the west. they are streaming in from the north off the great lakes down into the shenandoah valley and the highlands. east of there, it's bright and sunny. temperatures right now are just now beginning to climb into the mid-40s. we were holding steady, ne freezing for several hours from 4:00 this morning to 9:00. now, we are in the low to mid-40s. much of the region, not going to warm up. maybe another five degrees. that's it. that is way below the average high this time of year, which is 59. how much longer is the chill going to last? what about the coastal storm? we'll have the latest on that with the seven day outlook in a few minutes. barbara and keith? >> thank you. let's see what it's looking like on the roads. danella sealock, what's it looking like on the roads around washington right now? >> he said that very well. he's a quick study. >> good job there, keith.
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let's talk about the roads right now. the outer loop of the beltway, delays as you make your way to georgetown pike because of the road work. if you traveled this road yesterday, you know the congestion here. the right lane is blocked. once you are past that, it looks better. you have a disabled vehicle here. traveling 395 northbound, it's sluggish as you make your way from duke to seminary. back to you. >> all right. a traffic alert for drivers in d.c. crews are repaving pennsylvania avenue to repair for the inauguration. cyclers and drivers will share a stretch of pennsylvania avenue between 3rd and 14th street northwest. d-dot says most of the paving will happen ovnight. the inauguration is set for monday, january 21st. new today, maryland's biggest casino is gearing up to bring in table games. maryland live is unveiling the plan to add 125 table games to
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the casino floor. they are introducing the redesign and announcing when the gaming will begin. it will create 1200 jobs. they plan to launch a dealer training school, which will open in january. >> the casino's doors are open for a job fair if you are looking to work at a different table. maryland live is looking for a staff for a restaurant called prime rib which will open in december. it opens at 3:00 today and 11:00 to 3:00 tomorrow. full and partime positions are available. >> the time is 11:09. tough questions on the deadly meningitisout break that caused more than 400 people to get sick. what the food and drug administration is expected to call on lawmakers to do. how this olympic star spent what was supposed to be her wedding day.
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right now, congress is trying to get answers on what caused the deadly mennitis outbreak. this is a live look at the commerce committee hearing. the top medical regulator is here to testify. they need to police pharmacies like the one behind the outbreak. she and her family lived in nightmare. >> i can't be gin to tell you what i have lost. my soul mate, my partner. my family is bitter. we are angry. we are heart broken. we are devastated. and, i just come here begging you to do something about the matter.
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>> more than 400 people have gotten sick and 30 people have died in 19 different states including maryland and virginia. the pharmacy that dispensed the medication shut down operations for now. today, a new name in the race for lieutenant governor. jean marie davis announced her intention to run for the position next year. the republican and former virginia senator created a website called jeane she served as governor, bob mcdonal virginia liaison office in d.c. tom joins us to talk about our weather. we have spring in the studio, but it's cold outside. >> really chilly. >> it feels like december. >> it sure does. >> there are a lot of trees that are still showing gorgeous autumn color. take a look at this tree. japanese maple in full autumn
11:15 am
glory. a lot of the japanese maples are looking absolutely gorgeous. post your pictures to i share them on my twitter page as well as facebook. follow me on twitter. share the photos and we will share with everybody on television, too. take a look now. there is capitol hill. sun splashed on this wednesday, the 14th day of november. cobalt blue waters. the potomac river at 45. wind out of the north at ten to 15 miles per hour. it feels colder than that 45. if you are going to be operating more than a few minutes, definitely wear your winter coat. all the areas in dark blue still in the 30s. that includes the shenandoah valley and that of western maryland. this morning, some locations were down into the upper teens. it did feel like a midwinter
11:16 am
morning. l locally, we dipped into the 20s and 30s. the light blue is in the 40s including washington, virginia and maryland. all the cold air coming from an area of high pressure from canada, bringing down the chill. we have a few clouds streaming down from the great lakes as far southeast as the shenandoah valley. it's bright and sunny. all this coming from the big area of high pressure that is drifting off the coast. as it does, we have increase in clouds during the day tomorrow. going forward with the future weather throughout the rest of the day will be clear. this evening, as of midnight, still clear. as we get into tomorrow morning, we'll probably have a few clouds streaming over the region from the south. it's a rather partly cloudy to mostly cloudy day as we get into thursday. friday, that system we are tracking to the south will drift off and we get sunshine back during the day on friday. for the rest of this wednesday afternoon, bundle up. you are going to be out there a
11:17 am
length of time. with the bright sun, it makes it to the upper 40s to around 50. the wind gusting to around 20 miles an hour. overnight tonight, the winds settle down. the clouds beginning to move in. it's at 4:55. partly cloudy through the evening. dropping from the mid-40s back down to near 40 around midnight. thankfully a lighter wind. tomorrow morning, not as cold as this morning, but still cold. mid-30s tomorrow morning. afternoon highs on thursday around 50 degrees. average high 59. we will be nowhere near that as the chill will stay with us into the weekend. it looks like all the way through saturday we are dry. sunday, we could have a coastal storm that may be close enough to our atlantic sea board to give us rain on sunday and monday. if it goes farther east, we won't get much. west, more rain and wind from it. right now, it's going to brush
11:18 am
by us sunday night into monday bringing a little bit of rain and mainly areas to the east. we'll keep an eye on it. stay tuned. >> thanks. >> danella is watching things out there. i saw beautiful maple trees on the last shot on the roadways. >> do you have anymore beautiful sights? >> i have an accident to show you. i hate when this happens. 66 westbound by sycamore street, a crash blocking it. there is good news, though. earlier, just one lane was getting by. now, two left lanes are going to get you by. you can expect delays. the cars are off of the road here. it is going to take some time to clean up. expect delays 66 inside the beltway. back to you. >> thanks, danella. it's 18 minutes after 11:00. still ahead, "people" magazine name the sexiest man alive. >> it's not me? we have transformed the studio into a springtime garden
11:19 am
for today's wedding. next, we share secrets to kre creating this beautiful theme. first, a look at what's hot on
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we have moved from winter to spring today for wedding week. it's the most popular week for weddings. rick davis joins us this with great ideas to uer in the may flowers and love. you transformed our studio every day from fall to winter to spring. it ease amazing. tell us what you have chosen to do. >> today is all about spring, the pinks, pastel colors, the beginning of life. the lushness of spring that is so popular for the weddings. >> what are the flowers you have
11:23 am
chosen? >> today, the smaller ones and peonies, tulips, hydrangea, which are popular. >> breathtaking. this is why it's a special time for brides. a time there's so much out there. >> there's so much available. >> this is washington. >> you can't have a wedding in washington without cherry blossoms. >> you have recreated a real cherry blossom tree, but they are not real blossoms. >> for the bride who is leery about having a wedding outside, they can go to any hotel ballroom or tent in washington and we can recreate it. >> you can have spring any season of the year. >> as you can see today. >> besides flowers, what else is incorporated in the theme of spring? >> today, we use a lot of pink and green. this is perfect for the wedding lunch. if you want to have an early morning ceremony, have a smaller reception, you could do this
11:24 am
outside or anywhere but it's all set for lunch. it's more casual. >> the napkins are rolled to look like rose buds. it's beautiful. pink lemonade or pink champagne? >> it's pink champagne. it's nice to fill the glasses to look like the table. >> the plates are the leaf pattern. it's green. it's breathtaking. does the wedding need to have a theme? >> all weddings have a theme, whether it's a color or birds and bird cages. you need to have a theme to pull it together. >> that would be the first recommendation to a bride, figure out what the look is that you want to have? >> it doesn't have to be a theme like birds or bird cages, but a color. are pastels always spring? >> they are not. we are seeing a lot of gray and a lot of primary colors for spring now. >> navy blue?
11:25 am
>> navy blue. >> could you do a black and white spring wedding? >> we could. we could. >> that seems to be something people are doing. suppose you want to move and i think you have addressed this from outdoor to indoors and keep the same spring look. >> if you are inside, bring in a lot of plant material. the blooming cherry blossom tree. any kind of tree, we can recreate. >> what sources can a bride use to pick out what she likes? >> there are a lot of things available to a bride today. one of the biggest things right now is pinterest. the other thing we recommend is hiring an event planner or an event person to pull the ideas together. they have the knowledge and resources for all the things you would need. >> of course, stretch the budget to say what can i do. >> they can. if you are working with a decor person and you have a budget, they can tell you what you can do to make the money stretch the
11:26 am
farthest. >> it's so nice to have you. you have done a beautiful job. we have a couple more days to go. okay. good to have you. rick you were with us last year. >> yes. thanks. it's 11:25. coming up, news 4 midday, dropping allegations. the latest on the voice of elmo and who is dropping charges against him. why addiction to painkillers is called an epidemic and overdoses are more common. tom kierein is back to look at i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office.
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right now, a congressional committee is getting answers about september's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya. this is the senate intelligence hearing. david petraeus will testify tomorrow. he was supposed to answer questions today, that was before he resigned last week. police say a man shot a
11:30 am
store manager at a walmart in laurel. it happened just before 4:30 this morning at the walmart store nearout 198. the victim was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his chest. he's expected to be okay. police have not made arrests in the case. police in maryland are trying to find the suspect who shot a man. rhode island avenue and 37th street. derrick ward has the latest. >> reporter: the police department responded to the scene. in short order, it became a homicide investigation. the predawn peace along this 37th street were shattered by the sound of gunfire. >> we got a call for the sound of gunshots. officers responded. we were here a minute later. appeared to be an adult male
11:31 am
victim in his 20s suffering from multiple gunshots. >> reporter: help was on the way. the victim was later pronounced dead at an area hospital. boots and clothing remain at the crime scene. >> it is shocking. >> reporter: this town prides itself in its history, a living history. the homes date back to the earliest part of the last century. the community is modernized. >> the neighborhood is in transition. we have white collar and blue collar. >> reporter: he was awakened by sirens. someone died on the street. detectives remained on the street. residents navigated around a crime scene. >> things happen in great neighborhoods. this neighborhood, you know, you could be a little rough but it's gotten berlt over the years. >> reporter: police are not releasing information about the victim, suspect or motive. in mt. rannier, derrick ward, news 4. >> kwame brown will spend the
11:32 am
next six months at home. he was sentenced to six months of house arrest. he pleaded guilty of bank fraud. he admits to lying about his income when applying for loans. he apologized and must complete 480 hours of community service. a former maryland state delegate convicted of stealing from the general assembly may sue to get her seat back. she took 8$800 to pay an employee. she was removed from office, which is required by the state's constitution. lawyers say she should be allowed to serve. the house speaker or governor may have the final say on if she can return. the man who accused the sesame street puppeteer with a sexual relationship with him is dropping the charges. the man, now 23 accused kevin
11:33 am
clash of beginning a relationship with him when he was 16. the man released the statement saying the relationship was between consenting adults. clash released his own statement saying he's relieved the allegation was put to rest. he did not say if he'll return from his leave of absence he took. a former seattle sea hawks player was released by police a day before he was supposed to marry a two-time soccer player, hope solo. he was taken to the hospital. police arrested stevens for assaulting solo who has visible scrapes. no word on if they went through with the wedding, which was supposed to happen yesterday. we are continuing to watch the weather out there. itis been beautiful to look at through the window outside. >> tom kierein, outside you need that jacket, don't you? >> oh, yeah. we have a bracing breeze.
11:34 am
it is invigorating right now temperatures into the mid-40s. a gorgeous blue sky over the metro area. a few clouds across the shenandoah valley. a live view of capitol hill on this wednesday, the 14th day of november. it feels more like a december day. there's the view from space. the cloud cover is off to the west. it's drifting down to the south. elsewhere, lots of sunshine around. temperatures in the 30s. shenandoah valley into the mountains, but closer to washington. nearby suburbs, prince george's, low to mid-40s. i's in the 40s in the district of columbia. the northern neck of the eastern shore and around the bay. here is the four-day forecast. a chilly afternoon. highs reaching 50 with sun and again only near 50 tomorrow. probably more clouds around on thursday. maybe not as cold tomorrow morning either. friday, cold in the morning. mid-30s. afternoon highs, 50s. giving way to afternoon sun. sun on saturday morning and
11:35 am
clouds in the afternoon. still chilly. highs only low 50s. near 50 on sunday, monday, tuesday depending on the track of a coastal storm, we may or may not get rain sunday night into monday. stay tuned, we'll keep you updated on that. that's the way it looks now. barbara and keith? >> thanks. new today, it will cost you more money to drive on the dulles toll road. the airport authority voted to approve the hike. the toll is going up 50 cents to $2.75 round trip. the tolls jump to $3.50 in 2014 and $4.50 by 2015. it will help pay for construction on the silver line to dulles. the tolls are expected to account for half the line's $5.6 billion cost. let's check in on the midday traffic now. danella sealock with the latest. >> hey, keith. still watching this accident 66 westbound. still blocking the right side of
11:36 am
the roadway. you can get by on the left. delays start at gw parkway. westbound, it's a slow trip to the beltway. speaking of the beltway, check out the american legion bridge. it's clear here. on the outer loop, as you continue around, around gw parkway, you start to hit the brakes because of road work. it blocks the right lane. barbara and keith, back to you. >> thanks. as if high school swimming wasn't competitive enough, they have to go against an olympic champ. kay ty is back in the pool. she swam her first high school meet since london last night and not surprisingly, she won the 200 meter individual medley. the crowd was a bit smaller than in london. the stakes a little bit lower, she says she's happy to be home. >> it's good to be here with my teammates, my friends and supporters.
11:37 am
it's a great feeling to swim with them and a lot of fun. >> she promoted a coat drive to get warm coats for catholic charities. you have a chance to meet another olympic champ today. gymnast michaela will be signing autographs at the at&t store in chinatown between 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. it's part of the tour of gymnastics championships that come to the verizon center monday night. she won team golden and the silver for her vault. gabby douglass, alley and kila ross will perform at the verizon center tomorrow. the use of prescription painkillers recreation nally. there's been deaths due to overdose. we have joined with a look at what is contributed to the problem and what we can do about it. so, what can we do about it? >> this is a really tough
11:38 am
problem. the number of prescriptions written for opiate pain medications soared in the last 15 years. it's up 500%. they are commonly prescribed medicatio medications. this is a tough problem. i think public awareness needs to be out there. the dea really is cracking down on doctors who are doing excessive prescribing of these medications. >> what causes them to be lethal? >> they slow down your breathing. if you take way too much of them, it can cause you to stop breathing. what people run into problems with is that there will be regular users of oxycontin. their body develops a tolerance. they continue to need more and more of the medication. then maybe they stop using it because they need to, they go to jail or enter a rehab program. they come back, if they start using the amount they were used to using, it can be lethal to
11:39 am
them at that point. >> how much does pain tolerance kick in? if you can't take pain and feel you have to use more? >> your body gets so used to taking the medications, it builds a tolerance. to get the same level of pain relief, your body naturally continues to need more and more of the medication just to achieve the same effect. it's a never ending cycle. it's a vicious cycle. >> if you come to see someone with an addiction, how do you treat your patients with such an addiction? >> i do a type of interviewing called motivational interviewing. the old style of dealing with people with addiction problems is to say you are killing yourself. you are damaging your family. you are causing all these problems in your life, can't you see this? you need to stop. >> that's the old style, which may not work. >> it doesn't work. >> no one wants to hear that. >> nobody wants to hear i need to do something. they argue with you as to why
11:40 am
they don't need to stop. the motivational interviewing approach takes a different slant where you are talking to them about things like why do you like taking these pills? tell me the good things about this. you try to get them to highlight things causing problems in their life. they are making the arguments for the reason they need to stop taking the pills. >> i have read where sometimes these people who are addicted have to be medically assisted in terms of detox. what medications get them off this addiction? >> the most common medications that help people with opiate additions are methadone, which a lot of people have heard about. there's another novel medication, it's a really incredible medication. what's great is it takes care of the withdrawals and takes care of the cravings that people have for opiates. at the same time, you can't really abuse it. it's not lethal if you take too
11:41 am
much. it's a relatively safe medication. >> doctor joshua with a serious problem becoming more serious and tangible solutions. thanks for stopping by. >> thanks. the time is 11:41. what we know about the release of another new iphone. tell me that cannot be. we continue wedding week with the perfect picture. food on wheels and the all important bride and groom, there they are. stay with us.
11:42 am
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11:44 am
if you are in the market for a new iphone, you may want to hold off to get the latest model that's coming. tech experts say apple is getting ready to test the iphone 5 s. we saw people camped out to get the iphone 5 last month. a trial could come next month and full production next year.
11:45 am
no word on the features the iphone 5 s might have. papa johns is being sued by customers angry about unwanted text messages. they allege the pizza chain sent half million unwanted texts in 2010. they offered pizza deals. they complained about getting the texts sometimes in the middle of the night. they came after they ordered a pizza. the legal team says they are not the ones at fault. they say the texts came from a third party vendor. meantime, stocks are down again this morning. let's check in with hampton. he joins us live with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. hey, hampton. >> how you doing, keith? >> the markets are in negative territory after a positive open. it's due to knews on inflation. the major averages at this hour,
11:46 am
the dow is down 53 points, 12,693. the nasdaq is down 3.5 points, s&p is down four points. wholesale inflation eased for the first time since may. prices dropped .2 percent due to declines in gasoline and energy. food rose due to the draught. consumers cutting back on spending as well as the impact of super storm sandy. sales dropped 10% according to commerce department. auto sales dropping 1.5%. it's the biggest decline for that sector. shares of facebook dropped after the block of shares became eligible for sale for the first time today. roughly 800 million shares are available after restrictions on insider trading were lifted. it's the biggest block of shares
11:47 am
available since the initial offering back in may. the other big stock story today, teen retailer up 29% in early trading after reporting a 41% sale surge in income. the company raising the estimate for the full year earnings guide. keith, back to you. >> trendy clothes make a difference. thanks for checking in. d.c. men, apparently have a type they like. they prefer smart blonds. the online dating website, wh s rate their hair color, eye color and social habits. according to the men asked, the perfect woman is blond with green eyes, a social drinker who doesn't smoke and received a masters degree. desirability is based on the amount of money a man is willing to spend with a woman with those
11:48 am
features. a d.c. man is willing to spend $253 on a woman meeting those criteria for the first date. you may disagree or agree on that. big or small, a wedding is a memorable event. whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid or guest, chances are you'll find yourself in front of the camera at some point of the wedding. the question remains how to make sure the pictures turn out great. rodney joins us with tips on how to do that. you have been photographing brides for a long time in this area, right? >> that's true, over 20 years. >> you are responsible for the giant pictures we have been seeing. you can blow them up any size. >> we can. it's amazing the size they can go up to. these are nine foot by eight foot. very large. >> occasionally that happens. most of our clients want to enjoy themselves and be themselves. in the moment, they are enjoying
11:49 am
themselves. >> how do you find a good photographer? >> it's a challenging question. the best thing to do is find who fits your style. look at websites to gauge who fits your style. go from there. make sure you click with the photographer is important. >> what are the trends? there was some significant pictures that had to be taken. is that true? >> absolutely. we request a list from all of our clients. we say it's a must. you don't always have family come into town to do an event such as this. it's special. we want to make sure you capture all the moments. >> you have done a great job. pictures are great. can't wait to see the ones you took of us this week. we'll talk to you later. let's move on. we are talking trends. we have a trend that is happening now. karin is here to talk about the bride and groom. this is a big trend, that's food trucks, is that right?
11:50 am
>> they are everywhere. you can see them everywhere on the streets. now, they are at weddings. you are with red hook lobster, is that right? >> that's correct. >> do you roll up to weddings? >> sure do. black tie events. bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, weddings. >> do you see a lot of trucks out there? >> a few. more are pushing toward private catering. it's been a great, exciting business for us. >> we have seen a lot of food trucks here in washington. it's a trend around the country. let's talk about the trend for the wedding mode. it's time to see the bride and groom. what are we seeing? we have a flower girl today. tell us what she's wearing. >> we put a ballerina body suit on her and created a little short tutu with a little bit of horse hair at the bottom. a flower accent at her waistline. you don't have to do the flower girl dresses to the ground
11:51 am
anymore. show how young they are. put ballerina shoes on them. have a good time with it. this is from jay crew. a beautiful one we had, you can dance and twirl for us. >> you want to come here? spin around. oh, you look beautiful. stand over here next to me. beautiful. how do you feel about being in a wedding? >> um -- >> pretty good? what do you like most about your outfit? >> the bell. >> let's see the bride. let's start with the groom as we have done every time. >> with the groom, we have a gray suit. for spring, we wanted to go more fresh. we have a pocket here. an accent and again, mixed colors. have fun with it. the print with the tie. a pop of blue. don't be scared about color. >> you want to do a spin for us? the bride is always the center of attention on wedding day.
11:52 am
let's see the whole dress, which is absolutely fabulous. >> we have this dress and it's color block. color is definitely in style. do not be scared of color. it's a color block gown. soft pastel yellows and grays. a buckle in the back. a fun fact is it's one seam, one b bussel. that's all it is. you have the soft ivory here. don't be scared of color. this is fun. >> this is a spring wedding. thank you so much. boy, does this lobster smell great. we are ready eat. 11:52. coming up next, people named this year's sexiest man alive. we are going to tell you who it is. not you, keith.
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
today, we find out if good things truly do come in threes. one national league rookie of the year. baseball announces the cy young award today. gio gonzalez is a high contender. the best record in baseball, in the first full season on the job. johnson was named a.l. manager
11:56 am
of the year in 1997 when he managed the orioles. he resigned the day he won that award over a dispute with the team's owner. johnson says not this time. >> the division, i thought i'd get fired. if i won this award, i thought i'd get fired. so, hopefully i can live through getting this and managing the nationals. >> he can breathe easier. johnson will be back next year. next year will be the last season as manager of the nationals. harper named rookie of the year. a chance for a three-peat today. >> what do you do with a 76 carat diamond? somebody has one to deal with. it was sold for $21.5 million. the 76 carat stone is flawless. it was named for the arch joseph
11:57 am
august of austria. he was a french king. christy's auction house isn't releasing the name of the buyer. whoever it is will have to pay a hefty commission to christies. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. crews cut down the tree for the rockefeller center. it was cut down in new jersey. the tree made it out okay. the 80th annual tree lighting ceremony is scheduled to happen in two weeks on november 28th. let's take a look now at the stories we are following on news 4 this afternoon. pat lawson muse in the news room with a preview. hey, pat. >> hi, keith. coming up this afternoon, we'll have the lathest from president obama's news conference as he deals with the fiscal cliff issue. also ahead, she's got the golden touch.
11:58 am
joining us live will be olympic gymnast michaela. we are going to ask her what life is like after london and what she thinks of starring on the internet. put the biggest loser chance to the test. it's later tonight at 4:00. keith? >> thank you. this morning on the "today" show, "people" magazine unveiled the sexiest man alive. guess who it is. actor channing tatum. >> maybe he'll be the grom tomorrow ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪
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